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Frequently Asked Questions

We have developed a watershed viewer, so it is easy to find out what watershed you live in and to find out its Environmental Integrity  Index score.

Email Jessica Gordon or call 512-974-3082 to receive a registration form.

The Earth School presentation is one hour per class (however, special accommodations may be made for a longer or shorter presentation).

The Earth School presentation can accommodate up to 30 students per presentation.

It is helpful if tables or desks can be set up so that students can work in five separate groups.  Access to a sink and running water is necessary.  The presentation should be in one room with classes rotating through because the materials are too heavy to move from class to class.

Teacher Testimonials:

“This is a very valuable lesson for the students.  I love the hands-on activities.  Students are engaged and work together to discover the knowledge.  It ties in well with concepts taught in class.  The presenter was wonderful.  The students truly enjoyed the lesson.”

“Not only was the information relevant to the curriculum, but it was relevant to the lives of the scholars.”

“I loved all of the interactive activities.  The kids were 100% engaged.”

“Very meaningful to kids in Austin! Strongly recommend!”

If your school is not able to schedule all of the presentations in one day, you can schedule two consecutive days.

An Earth School teacher will bring all of the materials that students need.

Registration forms are accepted throughout the school year, but the earlier you register the more likely you are to receive your choice dates.