Earth Science concepts come alive at Earth Camp as students investigate flow paths across the watershed into creeks and rivers or into the Edwards Aquifer. Earth Camp is an award-winning water quality field science program for fifth-grade students attending Title I schools in the Austin Independent School District. Students spend four school days at outdoor sites participating in hands-on science with City educators, hydrogeologists and biologists. Students are encouraged to make informed decisions and take actions which promote stewardship of Austin’s beautiful water resources.

Earth School is a hands-on classroom presentation for fifth graders about Austin's watersheds, the Edwards Aquifer, water quality and flood safety. The program is offered to schools in Austin for FREE by the City of Austin Watershed Protection Department.

Do your kids need more stream time this summer?  Parents, guardians, and youth leaders, join your 9-14 year old children in exploring and beautifying Austin creeks, springs and caves. We’ll hike, paddle, wade, and spelunk all while learning about the plants and critters that inhabit these areas.

Learn more about the Edwards Aquifer and Austin’s groundwater.

Hydrofiles offers training, field trip support, and water test kits for Austin area high school aquatic science and environmental science classes. 

Watershed Detectives is an award-winning middle school program that offers a place-based curriculum called the Fish Kill Mystery, flood safety awareness activities, and field trip support to caves, creeks, and springs.