The City Clerk is directed to form a task force of current board and commission members that will recommend a boards and commissions transition plan to Council by April 2014, with an update report in March 2014. This Task Force shall:

  • be composed of 10-15 members that have served on a board or commission for one year or longer. The City Clerk shall convene the first meeting and serve as the Chair until the Task Force appoints a Chair.
  • include no more than two members from the same board or commission.
  • follow the Open Meetings Act and provide an opportunity for public comment.
  • provide recommendations on the following items including, but not limited to:
  • Transition plan for board and commission appointments.
  • The number of members per board and commission, including the potential for fewer than eleven members per each board.
  • Appointment process for boards and commissions under the 10-1 system, including how the vetting and selection process may work if the process shifts away from one appointee per Council Member.
  • Potential for redistributing board responsibilities among a smaller number of boards.
  • Potential updates to Chapter 2-1 of the City Code.

See 20131121-056, Resolution and Task Force Response to Resolution 20131121-056.


Meetings begin at 4:00 PM

  • February 10: City Hall
  • February 12: City Hall
  • February 19: City Hall
  • February 26: Waller Creek (625 E 10th St 78701)
  • March 3: Waller Creek (625 E 10th St 78701)
  • March 5: Town Lake Center (721 Barton Springs Rd 78704)
  • March 10: City Hall  Cancelled
  • March 12: City Hall  Cancelled
  • March 17: Austin Animal Center (7201 Levander Loop 78721) Cancelled
  • March 19: City Hall
  • March 24: City Hall
  • March 26: One Texas Center (505 Barton Springs Rd 78704)
  • March 31: City Hall
  • April 2: City Hall
  • April 9: City Hall
  • April 14: City Hall
  • April 16: City Hall
  • April 21: City Hall
  • April 23: City Hall
  • April 28: City Hall
  • April 30: City Hall

Meeting Documents:

View Agendas, Approved Minutes and Supporting Documents

  • Myrna Rios, Office of the City Clerk, 512-974-2504