To advise the Council on potential actions the City can take to reduce gun violence at the local level and to make recommendations for enhancing existing resources and campaigns. The Task Force also may recommend actions the City can take to partner with other levels or units of government and private organizations to make our communities safe and resilient from gun violence. The Task Force shall be dissolved upon the issuance of its report, or eight months after a quorum of its members are appointed by the Council, whichever is sooner. Created by Resolution No. 20190822-069.


  • Amber Goodwin - Mayor Adler
  • Robert Kibbie - MPT Garza
  • Selena Xie - CM Harper-Madison
  • Shelli Egger - CM Renteria
  • David Johnson - CM Casar
  • Hilary Whitifield - CM Kitchen
  • Noel Landuyt - CM Flannigan
  • Ana Lopez - CM Pool
  • Ed Scruggs - CM Ellis
  • Diana Earl - CM Tovo
  • Brandy Mueller - CM Alter

Meeting Documents:

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  • Janet Jackson, Austin Police Department, (512) 974-5747
  • Asst. Chief Troy Gay, Austin Police Department, (512) 974-3439