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The Auditor’s Office conducts audits, investigations, and other projects to help make Austin work better for all residents.


Austin has a process for residents to redraw the boundaries of the council districts every ten years. In 2021, Austin residents redrew the City Council district boundaries.


When people hear the word "audit," they may only think of dollars and cents. We conduct a different kind of audit called a "performance audit." This type of audit helps leaders know what they are doing right and what they can do better. Our audits compare how things are working with how they should work. When there is a difference, we recommend ways to improve.

Each year, we identify what audits we will conduct in our Audit Plan. We rely on input from City leaders and community members to create this plan. We welcome input for our plan and encourage you to make suggestions.


We have a team in our office that investigates possible wrongdoing in the City. This includes fraud, waste, or abuse by City employees or contractors. Our team works with City departments or law enforcement organizations, when necessary. While we do not investigate routine personnel issues, we will send reported issues to someone who can. The City's Human Resources Department handles employee grievances and other employment complaints.

To report suspected wrongdoing in the City, please contact our team.