Barton Springs Pool contains two principal infrastructure elements that address creek flow from Barton Creek. These elements are known as ‘by-pass’ features. One is the 1940’s by-pass and the other is the more robust by-pass installed in 1975. The 1940’s by-pass was decommissioned after the completion of the 1975 by-pass, but the original infrastructure remains in the pool. Due to decades of flood events impacting the flow of Barton Creek, the 1940’s by-pass infrastructure has been continually undermined. The project will seek to remove/demo the old by-pass due to safety and environmental concerns. This project is in the procurement phase. District 5 and 8


Barton Springs Pool contains two principal infrastructure elements that address creek flow from Barton Creek. These elements are known as "by-pass" features. The original Barton Springs by-pass was constructed in the 1940s. A larger, redesigned by-pass was constructed in 1975, and the original was decommissioned at the completion of the newer by-pass structure. The 1975 by-pass is under the walkway on the north side of the pool area. The original by-pass was diverted via a skimmer into the newer, larger by-pass upstream of the flow from Barton Springs. The original by-pass may still be operable and continue to channel water through as designed. Since the construction of the 1975 by-pass, several flood events have occurred at Barton Springs. These flood events have caused continual undermining of the original by-pass and damages to the existing encased pipe. Recent studies performed by Watershed Protection Department (WPD) have concluded that the undermining may cause the 1940s by-pass to collapse which is a safety concern and will threaten the existing salamander habitat.

CAD image of skimmer by-pass location in relation to Barton Springs Pool and grounds

Project Description

The project proposes to remove some or all sections of the 1940s skimmer by-pass to mitigate the risk of the structure's failure and injury to users of Barton Springs Pool. The project also proposes to protect, and if possible, enhance the salamander habitat. No construction or improvements to the pool are anticipated.


  • Remove some or all sections of the old skimmer by-pass.
  • Protect Barton Springs landscape grounds during demolition.
  • Protect salamander habitat during demolition.
  • Enhance salamander habitat if possible.
  • Enter into an agreement with WPD on monitoring of the 1975 by-pass.

Image of existing condition of original by-pass

Anticipated Schedule

 Please note that as in any construction project, schedules are projected as accurately as possible. All dates are subject to change due to the nature of construction and the weather.

  • Winter 2023: Consultant Procurement (ongoing)
  • Spring 2023: Begin Preliminary/Schematic Design
  • Fall 2023: Begin Demolition Planning
  • Winter 2024: Begin the Bidding Process
  • Spring 2024: Begin Demolition
  • Summer 2024: Demolition Complete

Community Engagement

There is no community engagement scheduled at this time.

Funding and Resources

This project will be funded by Aquatic Maintenance funds.

Contact Information

For more information, please contact Parks and Recreation Project Manager, Reynaldo Hernandez, by email or by phone at 512-974-9464.


Existing conditions of the original by-pass