In May 2018, a slope failure occurred during a flooding event on a section of the Barton Creek streambank adjacent to the Ann and Roy Butler Trail, opposite from Lou Neff Point. Approximately 230 lineal feet of the streambank slope was affected. The Watershed Protection, and Parks and Recreation Departments and The Trail Conservancy are working together to provide solutions to stabilize the slope and protect the Ann and Roy Butler Trail at this location. The Watershed Protection Department is managing and funding the project. Permitting is underway with an anticipated bidding process beginning in early 2024 and construction in the summer of 2024. District 9

Project Description

In early 2021, the Watershed Protection Department (WPD) authorized Freese and Nichols, Inc. (FNI) to provide a Reach Feasibility Evaluation from Barton Springs Pool to Lady Bird Lake. The report includes an evaluation of the area of failure that occurred on the south bank near the ballfields at Butler Shores, identified as the 1725 Toomey Erosion Site.


FNI completed the report in March 2022 with conceptual recommendations for the repair and stabilization of the slope failure based on their evaluations and has now moved into the design phase. Due to the limited space, slopes, and desire to save trees where possible, the recommended stabilization solution is anticipated to include a combination of low limestone block retaining wall, stabilizing rock rip rap and riparian buffers.




PARD and The Trail Conservancy have been working with the Watershed Protection Department on this slope and bank stabilization project. Due to the delicate structural and environmental nature of this scope, Watershed Protection is managing and funding the project, including the design, permitting, and construction of the stabilization work.

As a repair project, the community will be notified when work is to begin and informed of the solutions being provided to assist in the understanding of the site issues and expectations for the performance of the solution provided. 

Anticipated Project Schedule

  • Preliminary Engineering Report: Completed March 2022
  • Design and Permitting Phase: Summer 2022 to Fall 2023
  • Construction: Anticipated Summer 2024

Please note that construction schedules are projected as accurately as possible, but all dates are subject to change due ot potential weather delays and the nature of construction. 

Contact Information

For questions or concerns, please contact D’Anne Williams, Parks and Recreation Department Project Manager, by email or at 512-974-9456.