The City of Austin takes pride in being a sustainable community. You can help us work toward this goal! Taking these four steps can ensure that you’re being a green visitor.

Step One: Go Local

Austin’s local businesses are the pride of the City. Its motto, “Keep Austin Weird,” emphasizes the City’s efforts to ensure that local businesses are the heart of Austin. You can find these businesses by viewing Locally Austin, an interactive map that highlights Austin’s local businesses.

You can also support the City’s green businesses by visiting one of Austin’s Green Business Leaders.

Step Two: Protect Air Quality as You Get Around Town

There are many forms of alternative transit that protect air quality in Austin.

  • Capital Metro has several buses traveling all around the City.
  • There are several locations where you can plug in electric vehicles around town. Several parking garages even have special parking spots just for electric vehicles. There are even two companies – Car2Go and Zip Car – that offer car share options travelers.
  • You can also rent bicycles from several locations throughout Austin.

Step Three: Cut the Trash Through Recycling

Along with collecting trash, recycling and yard trimmings, Austin Resource Recovery keeps the City’s streets clean nightly. You can help the department by ensuring that your trash and recycling ends up in the correct location - in garbage and recycling bins.

Step Four: Explore What’s Green Around Austin

There are so many green places to explore in Austin! Here are a few of the most popular: