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Events in public parks create an opportunity for Austinites and visitors to enthusiastically celebrate what makes the city special and unique.  Festivals are created around desserts, appetizers, live music, local art, tacos, barbeque, moontowers, furry friends, and fitness to name just a few.

"image of adults and youth flying kites in a large park with Austin downtown skyline in the background"

Hosting a diverse variety of special events on City of Austin parkland provides an opportunity for people to gather, belong, and share cultural experiences. Events in public spaces contribute significant impacts to the local economy and annually attract over 1.27 million visitors to parks.

To meet the needs for a variety of park uses in a sustainable manner, the Austin Parks and Recreation Department Office of Special Events works to permit inclusive events while balancing shared public use and park impact. City Departments, Event Organizers, and Non-Profit Partners collaborate to offer event patrons resources to engage in park stewardship and advocacy.

Use the links below to learn more about public benefits of Special Events held in Austin's parks