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Measuring Our Success

The most successful city governments are never satisfied with the status quo. They know the importance of progress and finding ways to be more efficient and effective in delivering services to their communities. 

The community’s priorities, established in the City of Austin’s strategic plan, Strategic Direction 2023 (SD23), guide service delivery and continuous improvement. 

City employees are focused on innovation and increasing performance. The City of Austin is actively building these elements into every aspect of our work. We are coaching our employees to measure their performance, analyze data, and improve outcomes for the community. By aligning their work with the strategic plan and using data to make decisions, employees are learning new ways to identify and solve problems. It’s a new way of thinking, and it’s becoming part of our DNA.

Learn more about the City of Austin's Priorities in the Strategic Plan

learnDocumented in the City of Austin's Strategic Plan are the imperatives to improve the quality of life and equitable outcomes across Austin over 5 years. The Austin City Council adopted Strategic Direction 2023 on March 8, 2018.

Learn more about the City of Austin Strategic Plan 


See how the City is performing against established strategic goals.

performance dashboardThe Strategic Performance Dashboard is an interactive dashboard of the City’s performance measures from the strategic plan. 

View the Strategic Performance Dashboard


View what the City is doing to Improve.

improveThe Continuous Learning and Improvement Lab highlights the City’s work to deliver improved performance and outcomes for our community. 

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Read community feedback on City performance and improvement

feedbackWe issue an annual survey to assess community satisfaction. The Community Survey Dashboard is an interactive dashboard that shows the results of this survey.  



Open Data Portal

portalThe Open Data Portal provides a wealth of data for those interested in finding out more about Austin.  




Read a Summary of the City's Most Recent Achievements

reviewThe Year in Review PDF report captures goals and results achieved by City departments providing direct services during the last year.