The Department has a permit process, fees, and requirements for regularly scheduled activities that enhance the park experience at select sites.  Permits are required for all trainers/activities regardless if per fee classes are charged or not to a consumer.

Activities covered allowed under this process include:

  • health and fitness consultants,
  • dog trainers, yoga instructors,
  • bicycle tour groups (non-motorized), and
  • other outdoor professional service providers.
  • Permit Holders conducting instruction or non-motorized bicycle tour group activities on parkland are subject to a $50 permit fee per instructors/guide for each permit term. 
  • Monthly reporting is required for all permit holders for all classes whether free or paid An additional client fee per class is also due per month for those with 4 or more in a class.
  • Permit Term Periods: January - June and July - December

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Resources for Other Types of Concessions: