Under State Local Government Code Chapter 176, city vendors and local government officers are required to file Conflict of Interest Questionnaire (CIQ) Forms or Conflicts Disclosure Statement (CIS) Forms, respectively, when a relevant conflict exists.

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Vendors include bidders and current vendors as defined in Chapter 176 § 176.001(7). Vendors are required to file the Conflict of Interest Questionnaire Form, known as CIQ. The form is submitted through the City of Austin’s E-Filing System. Questions about compliance should be directed to each vendor’s legal counsel. For more helpful information on how to file, please see the CIQ E-Filing System user guide.

Local Government Officers

Local government officers include Council Members, local government corporation board members, the City Manager, and employees who exercise discretion in the planning, recommending, selecting, or contracting of a vendor. Local government officers are required to file Conflicts Disclosure Statement (CIS) Forms. The completed form must be notarized and may be mailed, hand-delivered, or emailed to the City Clerk’s office.

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Additional Resources

The Texas Municipal League has provided answers to Frequently Asked Questions regarding the ethics requirements outlined in Chapter 176 of the Texas Local Government Code. Note that City of Austin gift laws prohibit most gifts to local government officers.