Emerging Projects shows some of the prominent projects in planning or construction phases in and around Austin.

As of July 2019, the Emerging Projects Map (EP) will show daily updated major residential and commercial zoning, site plan, and subdivision cases under review within the last two years.  We will discontinue creating a specific emerging projects dataset, but data prior to July 2019 will continue to exist in the map.  

This change was made to automate the Emerging Projects process, which already included the major cases mentioned above, but also involved significant research, and included rumored projects, many of which were radically changed when submitted to the City for review.  In addition, other City staff and outside publications are tracking projects, such as:

Emerging Projects content therefore now consists of projects:

  • more than 10 acres
  • those that will have 20 or more residential units (only for pre-July 2019 data)
  • have a current status (only for post July 2019) of in review, at boards or commissions, released or approved within last 2 years

You can also export the pre-July 2019 data, or you can go to the Growth Watch page under "datasets" to export raw case data.