Fleet electrification annual report: Three years into our 2020 strategy, where do we stand?


Shaping the Future

Our 2020 strategy was formulated based on alignment with the City of Austin’s fleet mobility strategy, disruptive change in the automobile industry, and the cultural challenge of introducing electrification to a significant portion of our light duty fleet with the build out of a supporting charging infrastructure. The goal is to take advantage of a significant savings opportunities in fuel and maintenance costs as well as drive reductions in greenhouse gas impact.


Doing Well by Doing Good

2020 fleet growth is up 1% to 6787 fleet assets, achieving a milestone of 255 electric vehicles purchased with 114 City charging ports. Although behind in its initial purchase quantities due to COVID-19 resulting in the shutdown of OEM factories, we are well on our way to the initial goal of 330 electric vehicles, which should be achieved in 2021. Cost savings to date are ahead of plan showing a 50% greater savings opportunity to the forecast of $3.5M over 10 years.

Electrified vehicles are becoming viable and competitive; however, the speed of their adoption will vary strongly at the local level. The speed of adoption will be determined by the interaction of consumer, total cost of ownership and regulatory push, which will vary greatly at the regional and local level.