View of capital from car


Mobility Services has managed fueling operations for City vehicles with fuel island control systems since the 1970s, providing 24/7 access for all City departments serving 7,000+ vehicles.

Fleet Mobility Services recently completed testing of a cloud based enterprise GPS Telematics solution backed by AI (artificial intelligence), harnessing the power of big data not only for fleet optimization but to provide valuable information to our customer departments in support of their missions.

Our 2020 strategy was formulated based on alignment with the City of Austin’s fleet mobility strategy, disruptive change in the automobile industry, and the cultural challenge of introducing electrification to a significant portion of our light duty fleet with the build out of a supporting charging infrastructure.

The City's Fleet Mobility Department works with local schools to provide an opportunity for high school graduates to work in a real on-the-job automotive repair shop to gain valuable experience for a career in the automotive industry.

The transportation sector accounts for over a quarter of total U.S. greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Because of this, many organizations now recognize the important role that they play in minimizing the harmful effects of climate change.