The Austin Parks and Recreation Department is partnering with Ecology Action of Texas to convert an old road into an accessible trail at Roy G. Guerrero Colorado River Metropolitan Park. Ecology Action owns the adjacent Circle Acres Nature Preserve, a former City of Austin landfill, illegal dump, and brownfield. The organization has spent 15 years converting Montopolis' most polluted tract to one of Austin's most biodiverse 10 acres of land. District 3

Map of Roy G. Guerrero Colorado River Metro Park and the trail network with new trail marked. Links to PDF.


One of Austin's largest parks, Roy G Guerrero Park has an abundance of space and biodiversity. Situated along the Colorado River, this important parkland has suffered from destructive uses in the past including open pit gravel and sand mining, trash dumping, and over grazing. As the park recovers over time, invasive species are taking over the former pastures. However, with its proximity to the river, high water tables, and large expanses, the park has the chance to become biologically significant in terms of species diversity and carbon sequestration. 

Project Description

The project installed a new hiking trail along the route of an old road, followed by a large-scale restoration project that aims to reestablish a diverse riparian forest. The project will enlist volunteer support from the community to achieve these objectives. The goal is to create Austin's most biodiverse park while demonstrating the need for sound stewardship and community involvement in park health.

Anticipated Schedule

  • Spring 2020: Trail installation and trash abatement (Complete)
  • Summer 2020: Continue trash abatement, baseline soil and ecosystem data to monitor recovery over time (Ongoing).
  • Fall 2020: Begin planting native trees and grasses and educational service learning project (Complete).
  • Winter 2020: Seed native species (Complete).
  • 2020 and beyond: Continue to care for trees and plants until establishment, routine trail maintenance, more education and clean up opportunities. Monitor recovery and soil carbon data (Ongoing).

Community Engagement

Image shows lots of trash in an area of the park; it was cleaned up by Ecology Action on January 25, 2020 at the EcoBlitz

Ecology Action presented the plan to community groups and key stakeholders. Below are a few letters of support from key stakeholders:

Ecology Action hosts numerous park clean-ups each year with the support of school and corporate groups. Additional opportunities to give feedback and get involved include:

  • Its My Park Day Spring
  • Earth Day of Service 
  • Its My Park Day Fall 

Funding and Resources

Funding and resources are being provided by:


For questions on this project, please contact Christine Chute Canul by email or phone at (512) 974-9515.