The Planning and Zoning Department (PAZ) supports implementation of of long range plans, including adopted neighborhood plans through various activities.

Long Range CIP Strategic Plan

PAZ works with multiple city departments and the Planning Commission to maintain a Long Range CIP Strategic Plan. The Plan takes a robust, data-driven approach to long range capital program planning, and serves as a crucial link between the Imagine Austin Comprehensive Plan and the City’s 5-Year Capital Improvement Program.

Monitoring Plan Implementation Status

The Small Area Plan Implementation Annual Report (13 MB PDF) provides an overview of the status of plan implementation across the City.

For a quick view of implementation status by planning area or by category of recommendation, please view the following reports, updated quarterly:


New! The Small Area Plan Recommendation Highlights online map allows you to explore status updates and highlights with specific geographic locations. The map showcases the following, by tab: 2018 Annual Report, Small Area Plan Recommendations, all Highlights, and Status Report. Open the map at this link to learn more.

The Small Area Plan Recommendations Map Viewer on ArcGIS Online shows recommendations with specific geographic locations. You can quickly browse this map, which is updated monthly, to view the types of recommendations in your neighborhood plan or master plan. Click on each recommendation to learn more. 

View larger map

To view and download geographic and tabular data regarding the status of recommendations in adopted small area plans, visit the Small Area Plan Recommendations Map in the City of Austin Data Portal. The City of Austin Data Portal provides public access to datasets from the Austin municipal government. It uses the Socrata data portal software for sharing and lightweight analysis and visualization. Users can download the small area plan data in various formats such as CSV, KMZ, and SHP for use in applications such as Google Maps, ArcGIS Online, and Microsoft Excel.

Regulation and Review of Development

Through the zoning and neighborhood plan amendment process, Planning and Zoning staff works to implement Imagine Austin and associated small area plans.

Community Capacity Building and Innovative Partnerships

Planning and Zoning staff provide support to community members engaged in implementing adopted plans by: