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Austin Parks and Recreation Department provides opportunities wherein all individuals are accepted, included and welcomed to participate, play and recreate together. Individuals interested in additional services are encouraged to request modifications to participate in our programs. The Inclusion Unit embraces the diversity that defines Austin. We encourage all, no matter their ability, disability, sexual orientation, race, gender identity, veteran status, color, national origin, sex, age, income status or religion to reach out to us so that we may assist you in participating in recreational activities in Austin PARD. The Inclusion unit strives to create safe and supportive environments for ALL in our recreation programs, activities, experiences and natural spaces.

The Inclusion unit provides training and resources for all department staff members and modifies programs, as needed, to create inclusive environments. The CTRS staff of the Inclusion unit implement individual participant modification plans to create a successful, fun and positive recreation experience. Throughout the year, the Inclusion Unit provides support for PARD participants in Summer Camp, After School Programs, senior centers and community recreation center senior program, nature-based and cultural arts programs. For more information, or to request services from the Inclusion Unit, please call 512-974-3914

Therapeutic Recreation Services

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Austin Parks and Recreation Department (PARD) is proud to offer Therapeutic Recreation Services to provide safe, accessible, fun and supportive recreation environments for the citizens of Austin no matter their abilities. PARD’s Therapeutic Recreation Services include both adaptive and inclusive programs which are facilitated and supported by Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialists (CTRS). PARD’s CTRS perform recreation-based therapeutic assessments, which are used to develop modifications to programs, activities and staff training, to provide opportunities for successful participation in all PARD programs.

Therapeutic Recreation Services includes both inclusive and adaptive programs through the Inclusion Unit, Danny G. McBeth Recreation Center, and Dottie Jordan Recreation Center. Each of these services strives to provide active, meaningful programming to promote social, physical, and cognitive wellness for all individuals in the City of Austin.

Email for more information and how to participate in our Adaptive/Inclusion Support program!


Rachel Hyde Recreation Program Supervisor 

Emmanuel Turner Recreation Program Coordinator

Arlyn Argumedo Recreation Program Coordinator

Alyssa Serna Recreation Program Coordinator