The Austin Fire Department’s #LetsGetRealATX campaign is designed to bring awareness to a variety of fire- and life-safety issues we continually deal with in our community. Most, if not all, are issues the fire service as a whole struggles with: improperly discarded smoking materials, having an escape plan, pulling to the right for first responders, etc. Generally speaking, public service messages tend to be rather dry and boring, so we’re doing things a little differently! We hope these clever, creative videos grab your attention and outline some easy steps to bring about behavioral change that helps both our citizens and our firefighters. So #LetsGetRealATX! ​

Holiday Safety

A special guest joined us for this edition of #LetsGetRealATX and trust us, you don’t want to be on his naughty list! He’s got a few holiday safety tips for you that will help you and your family have a wonderful time. 

Because having uninvited guests around the holidays (read: us!) is a gift we’d rather not have to give.

Follow these steps:

1. Don't overload your outlets

2. Extinguish your candles

3. Open the flue


Let's Get Really Real

We hope you’ve been enjoying the spots from our #LetsGetRealATX campaign; they’ve been a lot of fun to do and hopefully, they’re reminding you how to help us deal with some of the most common fire- and life-safety issues we face on a regular basis. There’s more to come, but now that we have your attention…

It’s time to get REALLY real.

With all of the cooking that's about to commence this holiday season, we need to #LetsGetRealATX!

Did you know that unattended cooking is one of the top two causes of fires in Austin...year after year? Until every house comes equipped with its own firefighter, you need to know what to do to make sure you don't add to those statistics.

Because we won't be in your kitchen to save your bacon.