The N Lamar Blvd and Burnet Rd Corridor Improvements project (Project ID: 9383.002) is funded from the voter-approved 2012 General Obligation Bond Program, with a total allocation of $15 million, supplemented with other sources, to address multi-modal corridor improvements identified in the N Lamar Blvd/Burnet Rd Corridor Mobility Report.

Project limits are generally located on N Lamar Blvd from US Hwy 183 to Howard Ln/I-35 and on Burnet Rd from RM 2222/Koenig Ln to MoPac Expy.

Current Updates

The City has identified several near-term safety improvements with the help of input received during community meetings held in winter 2016. A portion of the allocated funding from the 2012 Bond Program will go towards filling in sidewalk gaps on Burnet Rd between RM 2222 and US Hwy 183. Citizens may expect to see construction of these improvements begin in fall 2017

The 2016 Mobility Bond allocates $482 million to Corridor Improvement Projects. This funding will be allocated by the City Council based on prioritization criteria established by the Council during the development of the 2016 Mobility Bond. Some of those projects will be based on recommendations in existing Corridor Mobility Reports, including the N Lamar Blvd/Burnet Rd Corridor Mobility Report, and others will be based on recommendations in new Corridor Mobility Reports.  For more information, visit the 2016 Mobility Bond website

Public input, technical assessment, and other findings developed as a part of this 2012 Bond project will be utilized in the 2016 Mobility Bond project development for both N Lamar Blvd and Burnet Rd.

A separate planned project for N Lamar Blvd is the North Lamar Sidewalk Grant (0914-04-274) in the amount of $1,500,000 ($1,200,000 grant with a $300,000 match) is for ADA sidewalk and ramp improvement projects along N Lamar Blvd between U.S. Hwy 183 and Parmer Ln. The grant was originally applied for in 2011 with support letters from the local chapter of ADAPT. The advanced funding agreement was received in late 2014 and specifies construction by in-house (local government) forces. The State Letter of Agreement (SLOA) and Federal Project Authorization and Agreement (FPAA) are expected by TXDOT and construction is currently slated to begin this summer or fall.

Recent Public Meetings 

  • N Lamar Blvd Corridor Improvements – Dec. 7, 2016 
  • Burnet Rd Corridor Improvements – Dec. 8, 2016 

Meeting Presentation

Project Goals

Given the limited funding compared to the overall need identified in the N Lamar Blvd/Burnet Rd Corridor Report, this project will strategically use available resources to improve safety and mobility for all users in both corridors. 

Corridor Report Development History  

The N Lamar/Burnet Corridor Mobility Program was initiated in late June 2011 following the November 2010 voter-approval of $90M in transportation improvements (Proposition 1). Current corridor conditions, infrastructure needs, and recommendations identified in previous studies were assessed. Public input was incorporated into the development of the N Lamar Blvd/Burnet Rd Corridor Mobility Program.

This program serves as a framework to guide the next steps in project development. 

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