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Capital Delivery Services

Capital Delivery Services (CDS) manages the City of Austin’s capital improvement projects. CDS is leading the way with innovative solutions to deliver these projects on-time and on-budget. The core of CDS staff includes engineers, architects and development professionals with a wealth of experience managing small and large projects. CDS is driving progress and prosperity by delivering the essential infrastructure our city deserves. 


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Capital Delivery Services (CDS) builds City projects faster and more efficiently. CDS creates the infrastructure that residents use every day. Capital improvement projects include the planning, design, construction, and inspection of new or renovated public facilities. These projects provide essential services to residents and include:  

  • Water and wastewater infrastructure – Wastewater collection, treatment plants, and drinking water distribution
  • Stormwater infrastructure – Storm drains, dams, water quality ponds and other assets that control flooding and improve stormwater quality
  • Public facilities – Fire/EMS stations, recreation centers, cultural facilities, museums and libraries
  • Mobility infrastructure – Airports, roads, bridges, urban trails, bikeways and sidewalks
  • Park amenities - Aquatics, courts, fields, nature trails and playscapes

Visit the City of Austin Capital Projects Explorer to find information about current capital improvement projects. This interactive tool displays project budgets, construction timelines and contact information.


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Capital Delivery Services delivers projects on behalf of the City of Austin departments that fund projects. Our professional teams work closely with departments to support every stage of the project process. Their services include:

  • Project Management
    • Define project scope, schedule, and budget
    • Coordinate project delivery throughout the life of a project
    • Serve as project point of contact
    • Ensure project scope, schedule, and budget are met
  • Engineering Services
    • Map and measure the project site with professional land surveyors
    • Design the structure of infrastructure projects
    • Determine materials needed for construction
    • Design construction plans
  • Quality Management
    • Review project designs to ensure quality before construction
    • Establish required standards and procedures for construction activities
    • Perform structural evaluations of projects
  • Construction Services
    • Provide oversight at construction sites
    • Inspect projects to ensure they are built to plan
  • Project Controls and Reporting
    • Manage processes and procedures to anticipate and mitigate changes to a project’s scope, schedule and budget
    • Establish project reporting standards to monitor progress