Following Austin City Council direction, the City is working with the Austin Independent School District, Travis County, and community partners to pilot six Resilience Hubs in Austin’s Eastern Crescent, with plans to build a future network of Hubs to serve the greater community. Building a comprehensive Resilience Hub Network in Austin requires coordination, implementation, and education across various stakeholders.

Resilience Hub Network Operation Models Being Explored

operation models being explored

Our approach to establishing Austin’s Resilience Hub Network will take place in three phases:

resilience hub phases

Phase I: Pilot Phase

Phase I involved setting up six pilot Resilience Hub through a community engagement process and collaboration with partner organizations. During this phase, the Hubs were used in emergencies for activities, such as offering information, serving as warming or cooling centers, distributing food and water, or emergency sheltering. Check out our Current Status Page for more information.

Phase II: Scaling Network for Emergencies

After the six pilot Hubs were established, the City applied learnings to identify which additional Hubs beyond the pilot sites will be activated in emergency situations. During this phase, we also developed a standard process for operating the Hub locations.

Phase III: Scaling Network for Resilience Programs

During this phase, the City and partners are working to identify and refine how the Hubs will be used for community resilience programs during day-to-day, non-emergency situations. Work will involve building partnerships with external organizations to establish their own Hubs and build community resilience.

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