The Pollution Hotline gets more than a thousand pollution complaints per year - nearly 20% which are automotive related. The Shade Tree Mechanic program is designed to reduce pollution commonly caused by home car repair.

Do You Change Your Own Oil?

Become an official “Shade Tree Mechanic” and get a free oil change bucket. Contact Patrick Kelly to request a free onsite evaluation of your car care practices. You can also pick up a free oil change bucket from the City of Austin Recycle & Reuse Drop-off Center located at 2514 Business Center Dr.

Help Protect our Creeks

Spilled fluids and improperly stored chemicals can travel to Austin's storm drains which flow to our creeks. The Shade Tree Mechanic program helps home mechanics enjoy their hobby and save money while at the same time, they comply with city regulations aimed at preserving our creeks and waterways.

Abandoned used oil poses a direct environmental threat and requires costly disposal at the City's expense. This unlawful dumping can be easily avoided with proper recycling.

DIY Oil Change Video

Choosing an Automotive Shop

If you prefer to take your car to an automotive shop then click here to learn about Austin Enviro Mechanics.


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