Due to COVID-19 activity and based on public health recommendations, all TAKE10 CPR Program educational activities are suspended until further notice.

Thank you in advance for your understanding.

- Updated 05/05/2020

The Office of the Medical Director oversees the TAKE10 CPR Program, a citywide campaign to improve cardiac arrest survival throughout the community.

We Train Trainers

We teach you and others you work with to be trainers. It takes only about 1½ hours. After completing the training, TAKE10 Trainers can teach anyone! Examples are coworkers, family members, friends, neighbors, church members and students.

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Program Details


Stands for “Take 10 minutes to learn compression-only CPR.” It is community-based and peer-taught CPR training that is simple, fast and FREE. Learners gain skill by practicing giving compressions and the confidence to act in an emergency.

Why TAKE10?

Cardiac arrest is an all too common and deadly event. It can happen anywhere, anytime, to anyone. If more people know what to do (through programs like TAKE10), more people survive.

How Is TAKE10 Different?

• No mouth to mouth, just compressions

• Learn in 10-15 minutes

• Only 3 simple steps: Check, Call, Compress

• It's FREE

TAKE10 Program Permission Information
Anyone wishing to use the program and these materials within their own organization or community is authorized to do so provided credit is given to TAKE10 as the program creator and no payment is required of learners or trainers for this program. Payment for any part of the TAKE10 training program is not authorized by TAKE10. Use of the TAKE10 name and logo requires the permission of the TAKE10 manager.

Learn More About the TAKE10 CPR Program

TAKE10 Information Page

The TAKE10 Information Page can be given to class participants interested in becoming a Trainer and/or getting others in their workplace or school to be Trainers.