Rush Hour Rapid Response is a program offered by the City of Austin to promote citizen safety and reduce congestion on the major thoroughfares during peak traffic times.

Any vehicle that is disabled on a major thoroughfare during rush hour will immediately be towed at no expense to the owner. The tow will be to the nearest place of safety at an approximate distance of one mile from the site.

Once the car is towed to the nearest place of safety, the operator of the vehicle has the following options available to them:

  1. Contract with that tow truck operator to have them tow the vehicle to their destination of choice. This would be an independent business transaction between the owner of the vehicle and the tow truck operator; it is completely separate from the City’s Rush Hour Rapid Response Program.
  2. Call their tow company or motor-club of choice and have them tow the car to its destination.
  3. The vehicle owner can make minor vehicle repairs on their own (e.g., change a tire, fill the tank with gas, etc.) and/or wait for a family member or friend to arrive to assist them.

One of the main components of this program is that all disabled cars must be towed off major thoroughfares during peak traffic times. Clearing the road in a timely manner promotes safety and eases frustrations that many people face when they drive in rush hour traffic. Should any concerns arise during the towing of a vehicle as part of the Rush Hour Rapid Response Program, a police officer will be dispatched to the scene to aid in the clearing if the road.