Public Information Office

Founded in 1979, the Public Information Office of the Austin Police Department (APD) is a hub dedicated to fostering a robust communication network between the Department, the news outlets, and the public. Comprising both civilian and sworn police personnel, our dedicated team strives to maintain transparency, disseminate accurate information, and nurture positive media relations. We recognize the importance of the news outlets and the role they play in extending our message and communications to the general public.  


The Public Information Office (PIO) is committed to serving and promoting a safer, more connected Austin. APD holds a strong commitment to keep the community and the news media informed about events managed by or involving the Department. Our personnel will work to meet the public and news media's information needs. All possible efforts will be utilized to provide the requested information, as long as its release complies with federal and state laws and adheres to the Department's established guidelines.

While our office carries out many tasks and responsibilities, a snapshot of a few of our typical duties include: 

  1. Media Relations: All PIO personnel actively interact with journalists, answering their queries, handling requests for booking photos and interviews, and addressing any other media calls. 
  2. Community Concerns: We are the point of contact for the community regarding concerns and 311 transfers. 
  3. Information Requests: In conjunction with our Records Office, we process requests for information, ensuring swift and accurate responses. 
  4. Social Media Management: We oversee and update the various social media platforms to keep the community informed and engaged. 
  5. Crisis Communication: We manage critical incident releases, ensuring the public receives accurate updates during emergencies. 
  6. Website Management: We handle the content management for the Austin Police Department's website, ensuring it remains a reliable resource for the community. 
  7. Press Releases: Our team participates in drafting and distributing press releases, providing the latest and precise information about ongoing investigations and law enforcement initiatives. 
  8. Media Briefings: We provide media briefings at the scenes of homicides, SWAT call-outs, officer-involved shootings, and critical incidents to disseminate information to the community in a timely and accurate manner. 
  9. Language Access: We are dedicated to ensuring that all information, services, and communications are accessible to non-English speakers and those with limited English proficiency. We utilize translation and interpretation services as needed to facilitate effective communication.

Our Public Information Office staff, including sworn police personnel, are on-call 24/7, ready to respond to high-profile incidents. These sworn members are available for on-camera, phone, and radio interviews with media outlets when an incident occurs. 

While our on-call personnel may operate around the clock, our regular office hours for all inquiries are from Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. To submit a public information request or retrieve documents regarding your public information request, please visit the Public Records Center