The Austin Police Department, as part of the City of Austin Vision Zero Task Force created this page to prevent traffic fatality, serious injury and overall traffic crashes and to better inform the public, educators and the media about information related to these events. We will continue to push towards the goal of zero deaths on Austin roadways with the help of everyone. Users should check regularly for updates. 

a) The Austin Police Department Fatality database contains only those crashes investigated by APD and is continuously being updated due to on-going investigations.  The data provided here represents a snapshot of Traffic Fatality information at a specific point in time and may change.

b) Due to the long processing times for toxicology testing, impairment and suspected impairment, statistics are based on the initial assessment of the Detectives and Medical Examiner. 



Traffic Fatalities:


2018 Traffic Fatalities

2018 Dataset

2017 Traffic Fatalities

2017 Dataset


2016 Traffic Fatalities 



2016 Dataset


2015 Traffic Fatalities



2015 Dataset