Walk TX and More is a 10-week structured program designed to help people move more. For 10 weeks, participants record their daily physical activity, which converts to points depending on the number of active minutes and the intensity of the activity.

Walk TX and More is coordinated through Austin Public Health, and is free of charge for anyone living or working in the Austin/Travis County area. The idea is to connect people and build support for people to exercise most days per week.

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How It Works

Form a group of friends and family ready to move/exercise with you. You can schedule times to meet up: the whole group does not have to meet up, and you can meet up with a few people who have similar schedules. Over the 10 weeks, you keep track of your activity points daily and report your points for the week and your grand total of points at the end. Depending on the amount of points you or your team achieves, you can win prizes and celebrate your health!

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