Photo of Interim Chief Robin Henderson

Interim Chief of Police Robin Henderson

Interim Chief Robin Henderson has served with the Austin Police Department for 26 years and was appointed as Interim Chief of Police on August 31, 2023. Chief Henderson began her career with the Austin Police Department in 1997 with the 90th Cadet Class. Chief Henderson currently oversees all Austin Police Department operations which includes a workforce of approximately 2,200 Sworn and Civilian personnel serving a population of approximately 1.2 million people.

Prior to her appointment as Interim Chief, Chief Henderson served in various assignments including Chief of Staff, Assistant Chief, Executive Lieutenant, Patrol Lieutenant, Cadet & Field Training Sergeant, Internal Affairs Sergeant and Detective Investigator, Person and Property Investigations Detective, Street Response Officer, and Field Training and Patrol Officer.

Chief Henderson enjoys leading a productive, professional and progressive team. She is passionate about public service, being a servant leader, a mentor, and making a positive impact within the Department and our Austin community.

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Jeff Greenwalt

Chief of Staff Jeff Greenwalt


Assistant Chief James Mason

Assistant Chief Scott Perry

Assistant Chief Scott Perry

Photo of Assistant Chief Gizette Gaslin

Assistant Chief Gizette Gaslin

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Executive Lieutenant Craig Smith

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Executive Community Engagement Lieutenant Lee Davis

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Executive Staffing Lieutenant Shauna Griffin

Assistant Chief Eric Miesse

Assistant Chief Eric Miesse

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Assistant Chief Eric Fitzgerald


Photo of Michelle Schmidt, Assistant Director

Assistant Director Michelle Schmidt