City of Austin Artwork Donation and Loan Policy

The City of Austin is committed to building a collection of high-quality public art for the enjoyment and enrichment of citizens and visitors. That commitment includes providing a means by which individual citizens or organizations may propose artwork donations and loans to be included in the City’s artwork collection. The City of Austin Artwork Donation and Loan Policy outlines the process through which artwork proposals are reviewed and accepted or rejected by the City of Austin. The objectives of this policy are to:

  • Provide uniform procedures for the review and acceptance of donations and loans of works of art for the City of Austin;
  • Establish consistent review criteria that strike an appropriate balance between safety, high aesthetic standards and city business use;
  • Maintain high artistic standards in works of art displayed by the City of Austin; and
  • Encourage or facilitate recognition of the artistic community

When artwork donations or loans are proposed for placement at any City of Austin property, such proposals may be reviewed by the relevant City departments, a wide variety of community stakeholders (individuals and/or groups), nearby residents and businesses, the Art in Public Places Panel and the Arts Commission. A Review Committee considers each proposal through the Artwork Donations and Loans Review Criteria listed in the policy then makes a recommendation to the Arts Commission for approval. The typical process takes several months.

Click here to review the City's artwork donation and loan policy and for a PDF of the application.

Questions? Please contact Sean Harrison, Art in Public Places Program Collection Manager