Austin Nature and Science Center Suppertime Star Parties Virtual family series Tuesdays 5:00-5:45 February and March Free Registration open Jan 11, 2022

Free and Fun for All Ages
Bring your dinner and your family and join us for a look at the night sky. Each week, we'll discover a new corner of space, from the brightest stars to black holes! We'll let you know what special events are happening so you can get your own view after the program. 

One registration per family. A zoom link will be sent to the email address at least 48 hours before the first virtual meeting!


Life and Death by Impact Extinction and Habitability January 22, 2022 1 pm to 2:30 pm by Sean Gulick Reasearch Profession Jackson School of Geosciences

Free Event!

Join the Austin Nature and Science Center and Professor Sean Gulick for an adult-only program we explore how one catastrophic astrogeologic event can illuminate the state of our current climate crisis and demonstrate how we determine planetary habitability!  

Please note, due to City of Austin venue requirements, room capacity for youth participants is limited to 50%. In order to accommodate the full room capacity for adult participants, we require that only ages 18+ register for this event.

Pre-registration requested


Austin Nature Day April 23 2022 9 am-1pm