Austin Police Department Strategic Plan 2024-2029

  • Vision: A Department that is trusted and respected by all and collaborates with our community to make Austin the safest city in America.
  • Mission: Keeping you, your family, and our community safe through innovative strategies and community engagement.

Message from the Chief

I am excited to share the Austin Police Department’s Strategic Plan for 2024 to 2029. Our team diligently crafted a plan rooted in our core values and aligned with our mission and vision, a plan that provides clear direction and establishes priorities. We directly engaged with key stakeholders - our dedicated sworn and civilian personnel and our unique communities across the city - to develop this Strategic Plan. Through their valuable input, we created an organizational roadmap that allows us to deliver the most effective and efficient services for our community.
The foundation of our plan is built on these five strategic focus areas: 

  • Protect Austin 
  • Engage Our Community 
  • Develop Our Workforce
  • Foster Leadership Excellence
  • Enhance Organizational Capacity

Concentrating on these focus areas will better position our organization to navigate the challenges ahead and seize opportunities that arise as our city and Department evolve. It will also help us shape a brighter future in which APD is more innovative, transparent, community-focused, and highly trained. I would like to thank everyone from our APD workforce and our community that contributed to the development of our first strategic plan. Your feedback, commitment, and hard work have been instrumental in shaping our future accomplishments. As we implement this plan, I am committed to fostering a culture of continuous improvement where we learn and adapt, celebrate our collective successes, and continue to engage our workforce and community to make Austin the safest city in America!

Robin J. Henderson
Interim Chief, Austin Police Department

Download the APD 2024-2029 Strategic Plan PDF