The Carver Movable School is currently on hiatus. We hope to reactivate this program with the next school year.

The Carver's Movable School includes outreach programs such as lendable exhibits, curriculum, traveling trunk, and interactive storytelling presentations that come to your group or school within our service area.  To request one of our programs, loanable exhibits, or presentations contact Faith Weaver.

George Washington Carver created a Movable School while at Tuskegee to educate the community, farmers, and their families that were not able to attend schools and universities. He would teach, hand out pamphlets he had written, and demonstrate ways to improve their crops, farming etc. In honor of his dedication to service and outreach, our program is named after his original Movable School. (Information Source: National Park Service. "Legends of Tuskegee: George Washington Carver.")

African & African-American Folktales

In this storytelling program, guest performers travel to schools and community groups to bring ethnic history and fables to life. The museum-sponsored artists recount tales of fantasy, mystery, heroes,and everyday life from many regions of Africa and the Americas. 

Folktales Currently Available: Rhythms African Drums

NOTE: This program is offered to larger groups and school assemblies.

Museum in a Basket

Museum in a Basket is an interactive story telling presentation and history program offered to local schools and groups that visually conveys the story of the African-American. Its purpose is to foster an accurate under-standing of our country's development and current culture, as influenced by past events. Each particular basket presents a different aspect of African-American history.

Baskets Currently Available: George Washington Carver

NOTE: This program is for small groups and is not recommended for school assemblies

Traveling Trunk

Check out the George Washington Carver Traveling Trunk to teach your class about the life and impact of this great inventor and educator's life and influence. Contents include videos, curriculum, books, and more.

Introduction to Genealogy Curriculum

The George Washington Carver Genealogy Center has developed a High School curriculum to teach genealogy. To learn more, click here to visit the genealogy page.