Accessibility and Inclusion: We are committed to provide a variety of options for participation, along with supportive resources and accommodations that enable underrepresented segments of our community to participate in a meaningful way.

Accountability: We will provide complete and easy-to understand information on the issues, and make a complete record of feedback available to both participants and decision-makers.

Collaboration: We will work in partnership with the community to develop engagement processes that are appropriate to the needs and preferences of the participants, and that result in recommendations that are informed by the history and the shared knowledge of the communities we serve.

Consistency: In every engagement, we will provide advance notice of opportunities, meeting agendas, discussion agreements, timelines and clear information about how participation will be used in the decision-making process.

Respect: We will maintain a mutually respectful environment that cultivates and supports inclusive public engagement and honest dialogue between and among participants and City representatives.

Stewardship: We will conduct ourselves as stewards of the public’s resources, respecting and recognizing that the community has a voice in how those resources are used.