On April 9, 2013 Google announced its plans to bring Google Fiber to Austin residents, building a network with Internet speeds of one gigabit per second, up to 100 times faster than normally available broadband access to Austin's homes.  Google Fiber agreed to provide broadband Internet services through its fiber network free of charge until 2023, to City Hall, the new Central Library, and up to 100 sites, primarily public or non-profit facilities, in the City of Austin that provide access and services directly to Austinites through what is being called the Community Connections Program. The Austin City Council adopted (Resolution No. 20130822-083) to create the list of proposed sites to be in the Community Connections Program. 

The nonprofit and public facilities selected for Community Connections represent diverse community needs including arts & culture, education & workforce, public entities, and social, health & well-being.

A map including the application documents of the 100 selected locations receiving a gigabit Internet connections, the original list has been amended since adoption and is now represented by the map herein:

The application process for this program concluded in 2013, after a comprehensive engagement strategy yielded 300+ site applications.  The original review and assessment criteria can be accessed here




  • The dataset above is updated as the list is adjusted, the Austin City Council retains authority to vote on site replacements, as recommended by staff, utilizing the existing 300+ applications received by the original program application deadline in 2013. 
  • The map represents all selected locations participating in the Community Connections Program
  • Google Fiber Community Connections external Website (not endorsed by the City of Austin)

How can gigabit speed Internet spark social innovation in Austin? Send us your ideas on how these organizations can use this innovative new technology to support our community.