TARA provides information and communications technology (ICT) resources to the community through public access, free training to enhance knowledge and skills, and by promoting the relevancy and adoption of emerging ICT. TARA's work supports the implementation of Austin's Digital Inclusion Strategic Plan, a dynamic strategy which utilizes community assets to overcome barriers to resident participation in our digital society. A periodic assessment of residential technology use is also conducted to measure the progress of inclusion activities.

COVID-19 Resources:
This resource list serves to share City & Partner Digital Inclusion information for the Austin community amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic. The DECA COVID-19 Community Resource list is organized into four categories: General Resources, Internet Service Provider Information, Computer Access, and Using the Internet and Online Learning Resources. Link to Austin's Digital Inclusion COVID-19 Resources.

Grant for Technology Opportunities Program (GTOPs):
The Grant for Technology Opportunities Program (GTOPs) is a grant administered by the Digital Inclusion Program directed at improving the community's ability to fully participate in the digital society. GTOPs offers four discreet award pathways for organizations to apply for funding or devices.

Learn more about the program and consider applying.

Digital Empowerment Community:
The Digital Empowerment Community of Austin (DECA) is a network of non-profits, educational institutions, and other stakeholders working to improve our community's ability to participate in digital society.

Learn more about DECA.

Community Technology Access Labs & Digital Literacy Training:
TARA oversees a contract with the non-profit, Austin Free-Net, to manage City of Austin public access computer and technology labs and deliver digital literacy training services.

Locate computer and technology labs as well as trainings.

Public Access Television:
TARA oversees the City’s Public Access Television channel through a contract held by Austin Film Society (AFS). AFS uses the City’s public access television and community media center to provide media production training, access to media production technology and facilities, and a distribution channel for community media content created by Austin residents.

Visit the Austin Film Society website, or if you're cable television subscriber, enjoy local programming.

Technology Access Services:
TARA provides devices and software to nonprofits and individuals who demonstrate a need through our virtual reality lending library program.