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You can find funding and programming that help creative industries in Austin. Learn more about the African American Cultural and Heritage Facility.

The Global Business Expansion Division works to facilitate international expansion, manage City-issued incentives, define and manage workforce contracts, and empower more businesses to reduce and reuse waste through a unique partnership with Austin Resource Recovery. 

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The Heritage Tourism Division provides leadership and management for the City's heritage tourism programs aimed to attract tourists and convention delegates and to derive economic, business, and community benefits associated with honoring and preserving Austin as a place of personal heritage.

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The City of Austin Music & Entertainment Division—part of the Economic Development Department—implements programs and services to diversify and accelerate growth of Austin's commercial and nonprofit music and entertainment industries. We serve as a community, artist, and industry resource and liaison to foster increased jobs, compensation, nightlife compatibility, talent export, and revenue growth in Austin.

Redevelopment supports and creates places that make Austin special. The Economic Development Department's Redevelopment Division provides significant social and economic value to the City of Austin through a variety of redevelopment and place-based initiatives that focus on catalytic investment to further the community goals as set out in Imagine Austin and the 2023 Strategic Direction.

The Small Business Division provides business training, educational events, and coaching to empower entrepreneurs. Our mission is to foster job creation and support the growth of new and existing businesses by providing capacity-building information, tools, and resources.

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