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The City of Austin provides access to several business development opportunities ranging from pitch events, trade missions, sourcing & suppliers, to global networks. Learn how you can use these tools and programs to elevate and scale your business.

The Cultural Arts Division, part of the Economic Development Department, manages the City’s cultural arts programs and provides leadership for the economic development of Austin's creative economy.

These are reports and publications by or related to the Economic Development Department. Learn more about the economics, culture and business climate in Austin as well as department initiatives by browsing our reports and publications.

The City of Austin actively supports business' access to capital needed to grow in our community. In addition, the City works with foreign and domestic investors seeking opportunities to participate in Austin’s thriving economy. These programs below are available to businesses:

The Global Business Expansion Division works to facilitate international expansion, manage City-issued incentives, define and manage workforce contracts, and empower more businesses to reduce and reuse waste through a unique partnership with Austin Resource Recovery. Click links below to access resources for your company.

The City's Music & Entertainment Division is an economic development accelerator and centralized resource center for Austin’s music industry, and an active community partner for Austin’s citizens, community groups, and neighborhoods. For a full list of our programs and services, visit

Need help getting started? Use the links below to find valuable resources to help your business grow.

The Redevelopment Division implements Council policy that enlivens commercial districts, strengthens the local economy and promotes community identity through place-making in the public realm.  Projects such as Seaholm District, 2nd Street District, MUELLER Redevelopment, Colony Park, and Soul-Y Austin embody this mission.

The mission of the Small Business Program is to foster job creation and support the growth of new and existing businesses by providing capacity building information, tools, and resources. We provide counseling and assistance to small businesses. Our focus is to develop and empower small businesses in order to strengthen their business capability and survivability.

Austin benefits from one of the most educated local workforces in the country and continues to build upon this strength by creating new opportunities to support industries and residents on their path to success. The Global Business Expansion Division works to understand the needs area businesses as we seek to connect residents to meaningful job training opportunities.