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Dougherty Arts Center Studio Space

In the Ceramics Program, we believe all skill level classes create a supportive atmosphere where students learn from each other. Advanced students are welcome in any class to work on improving their skills. Instructors provide self-paced demos throughout class time and will work with students based on their interests in learning wheel, hand building, sculpture or figurative work. Please note the specialties provided in each description. Instructors also provide proper glazing, decoration techniques and most importantly developing your artistic expression.

  • Small class sizes in hand building, wheel throwing and specialty
  • Equipped with gas, raku and electric kilns offering Cone 6, Cone 06 and raku firings.
  • Our 1,400 square foot studio provides a slab roller, extruder, 12 wheels and ample space for hand building.

Questions? Call 512-974-4040

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Photo of taylor barnes

taylor barnes

taylor barnes is a contemporary fibers artist and ceramicist. Utilizing mixed media fibers techniques, underglaze, and charcoal, she has created her own language of self-expression. Since graduating with an MFA from The University of North Texas, she has exhibited nationally and has been featured on major platforms such as Artsy, Cultured Magazine, and KERA. Her work has been collected by the Mead Museum and awarded by the Dallas Museum of Art. barnes lives and works in Austin Texas. 

Photo of Ashley Dodd

Ashley Dodd

Ashley Dodd, also known as Earthy Ashley, has explored a variety of ceramic techniques since 2008 ranging, from hand-building to wheel throwing, altering her pieces into organic forms.  She loves sharing the meditative experience of working with clay, as well as offering problem-solving and tips and tricks.

Ceramics instructor Robin Gary

Robin Gary

BA, UCLA. A mixed media artist and teaches clay and fused glass techniques via her studio, workshops, and through Plano Parks and Recreation. She has shown and sold throughout the US including The Best of Texas Clay.

Black and White Photograph of Terra Goolsby

Terra Goolsby

Terra Goolsby attended the Rhode Island School of Design where she acquired an MFA in Sculpture and remained a Presidential Scholar for the duration of her stay. Her work explores transformative themes within Meso American mythology and has been exhibited nationally. She continues to live and create her hand built porcelain sculptures out of her studio in Austin, Texas.

A photo of Kelly Greene

Kelly Greene

Kelly Greene graduated from UT Austin with a BFA in Visual Art Studies and All-Level Teaching Certificate.  With 22 Years in AISD teaching Sculpture and Ceramics, she is excited to share her knowledge and love of clay with the community.

Ceramics Instructor Katie Lehn

Katie Palomares

Katie grew up amongst the sandstone walls of northern Arizona in and has had her hands deep in dirt all her life. She first fell in love with clay as a therapeutic outlet at her local community studio, the Tucson Clay Co-Op, in 2015. After moving to Austin in 2018, Katie decided to dive a little deeper into the pottery world by starting an artist residency at Dougherty Arts Center. This inspired her to commit to clay full-time and is grateful for the supportive Austin community. She currently works as a studio assistant at Mud Studio, instructs ceramics classes at Dougherty Arts Center and sells her work at pop-ups, online, and local Austin shops.

Ceramicist HR Wright

HR Wright

HR is not a department, but the ceramicist behind Stay Unstill Ceramics.  Hailing originally from Western New York, HR has traveled around the country working for nonprofits and making varied types of art.  She has been here, there, and everywhere, truly living the idea of staying unstill, focusing on creating pottery with a purpose.  With 10 years of clay experience and a passion for combining form and function, HR is spreading her love of mud to students at the DAC. 

3 ceramic art projects in the process of being made at the dougherty arts center