Darkroom ' Ceramics ' Drawing & Painting5w classroom space for use by the adult textile program

We welcome students with different ranges of knowledge, from beginners to advanced knowledge to take a class. Our goal is to provide a friendly, enriching and rewarding experience for each student to express their creativity and learn new skills in while making friends.

  • Equipped with 15" tapestry frame looms, 10", 16" and 25" rigid heddle looms and standard inkle looms for belt weaving up to 4.5" wide.
  • Our textile studio provides ball winders, swifts, warping boards, a weaving library including image reference material and ample space for warping and weaving

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Meet The Instructors

Marie Carmel  

Inga Marie Carmel

Before Inga was a weaving teacher, she was a Landscape Architect with a BA from UC Berkeley and earned the Handweavers Guild of America’s Certificate of Excellence in Handweaving, Level 1 in 2016. Marie's work has been published in Handwoven Magazine and she serves on the board of the Weavers & Spinners Society of Austin. She's a self proclaimed "loom geek", fascinated with the objects themselves and the act of interacting with them. 

Kelly Chambliss  

Kelly Chambliss

BA, emphasis in Art History from Texas State University. Kelly Chambliss is an Austin based paper maker and certified art educator. With a background in art education in public schools and community art school settings, she currently specializes in eco-friendly handmade papers She loves to explore new materials and more sustainable art practices with students.

Cidnye Stott  

Cidnye Stott

Born in central Texas, Cidnye has been fascinated by yarn from a young age.  She started by teaching herself to crochet at the age of 8, and through the years has added knitting, weaving, and hand spinning into her repertoire of fiber crafts. She currently teaches beginning weaving classes at the Dougherty Arts Center, where she loves to introduce the various ways to play with color and texture on a rigid heddle loom.

Looms and weaving materials in use at the DAC Textile program