The arts school provides a variety of classes and camps for adults and youth. Call 512-974-4040 or select one of the following links to view additional information:

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Adult Studio Classes

Women painting

The Dougherty Arts School's adult arts program is dedicated to enriching the Austin community with hands-on artistic opportunities. The school hires skilled artists that are committed to sharing their knowledge and exploring new ideas with students.

Creativity Club After School Arts

Two kids in aprons smiling for camera

Creativity Club is an after school program held at the Dougherty Arts School and at participating AISD elementary schools. Students engage in TEKS-aligned arts education through 2D and 3D visual art, digital arts, and performing arts

Saturday Youth Studio 

3 young children smiling as they sit around a table holding clay.

The Dougherty Arts Center’s Saturday Youth Studio Program helps provide young artists with experiences in various art mediums that they might not receive in conventional arts education. Each session will feature different projects so students can repeat classes month to month.

Works In Progress Teen Program

A young photographer focuses his camera on another young person's hands.

Works in Progress (WIP) is an immersive program that prepares teens living in Austin for careers in the arts. Through weekly workshops and networking, students will develop their professional skills, prepare for artistic careers and education beyond school, and meet with industry professionals and working artists.

Art in Cahoots

Preschool student experimenting with splatter paint effects and movement using a shoebox shaker.

Further strengthen the one-on-one bond between caregiver and child, while being able to interact with other caregiver-child pairs. Each class will include themed group activities and collaborative, process-based art experiences. Children will build social-emotional skills, familiarize themselves with a classroom setting, and learn about art while still under the wing of a trusted caregiver.

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