The drainage charge is calculated the same way for everyone based on the amount and percent of impervious cover such as driveways, rooftops, parking lots, patios and walkways.

Property Owners or Representatives

For multi-family properties with five or more units and for properties with multiple businesses located on them, the City will bill the property owner or their representative for the drainage charge, whenever possible. Prior to November 2015, the City billed individual vacant or occupied units. The City bills individual residents for duplexes, triplexes and fourplexes, dividing the charge evenly among the units.

Allocating the Charge

Property owners may pass the drainage charge on to their residents or tenants. Whether and how they choose to allocate the charge to each unit is up to them as the bill payer for the property, keeping in mind any applicable provisions in their lease agreements as well as the requirements in City Code Chapter 15-9 (Utility Service Regulations). Property owners may download the Notice to Apartment Residents (pdf) and/or the Notice to Businesses (pdf) and provide a copy to their residents.