Priority Program 7: Create a Healthy Austin

A Healthy Austin Program will reduce chronic and diet-related diseases and risk factors by coordinating access to community and health services, local and healthy food, physical activity, and tobacco-free living.  This priority program seeks to create places where people can easily walk, bike, play, and find nearby healthy food options and healthcare.

Contributing Departments:

Austin Public Health Department (Cassie DeLeon - Program Champion); Planning and Zoning, Parks and Recreation, Public Works, Austin Transportation, Office of Sustainability; Economic Development; Neighborhood Housing and Community Development

For additional information about this priority program, see page 205 of Imagine Austin, or contact the Planning and Zoning Department liaison.

Progress at Year 5

Austin is a relatively healthy city. Over the last five years Austin/Travis County has trended better than Texas and the nation on key health outcomes including obesity, smoking, physical activity, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. While this is reassuring, we continue to see disparities along racial, ethnic, and socio economic lines within these same health outcomes.

The Healthy Austin Priority Program has focused on policy, environmental changes, and program interventions that meet the needs of the rapidly changing population and reduce disparities among special populations.

To read more about this priority program's work over the past five years, check out the Imagine Austin Year 5 Progress Report:

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