Priority Program 6: Develop and Maintain Household Affordability Throughout Austin

Rising housing and related costs are major issues facing Austinites. A comprehensive approach is needed to define and provide household affordability for Austinites. In order to maintain and increase household affordability, this priority program will take into consideration not only household costs such as mortgage, rent, and utilities but also transportation and access to daily and weekly needs as essential and inter-related components of household affordability.

Contributing Departments: 

Neighborhood Housing and Community Development (Erica Leak - Program Champion); Planning and Zoning; Economic Development; Austin Public Health; Austin Code; Development Services; Austin Transportation: Austin Energy

For additional information about this priority program, see page 201 of Imagine Austin, or contact the Planning and Zoning Department liaison.

Progress at Year 5

Since the adoption of Imagine Austin, the City has worked to implement Priority Program #6, Develop and Maintain Household Affordability throughout Austin by analyzing the depth and complexity of Austin’s affordability challenge, refining and developing new policies and strategies to addressing affordability issues, and setting housing goals through the adoption of the Austin Strategic Housing Blueprint.

To read more about this priority program's work over the past five years, check out the Imagine Austin Year 5 Progress