The role of the Office of the Chief Medical Officer is to provide support, clinical expertise, and policy recommendations to departmental DICOs. In accordance with state statute, individual departments have their own Designated Infection Control Officers (DICOs). Additionally, OCMO facilitates communications between departments when multiple agencies are involved in an exposure, tracks exposure trends, consults on complex exposure events, and serves as a liaison with outside organizations and medical facilities.

Departmental DICO Contacts

AFD Safety (512) 981-2712

APD Risk Management (512) 974-5481

ATCEMS Safety (512) 460-7028

The primary OCMO infection control contact is Clinical Service Line Coordinator Brett Meyer (512) 978-0016, the backup is the Clinical Practice & Standards Coordinator. On-line Medical Control should be contacted for patient care questions related to exposure.

General Advisories:

Measles Advisories:

Flu Advisories:


CRE/MDRA Transfers: