Set your carts five feet apart

Most of our trucks are equipped with automatic arms that pick up the carts. If carts are set too close together or too close to other objects, our drivers must get out of their trucks and move the carts so the automatic arm can pick up the cart without bumping into or knocking over anything.

Our crews can collect materials more safely and efficiently when your recycling, trash and composting carts are placed five feet apart from each other and from other objects like parked cars, mailboxes, etc. Thanks for helping us get in and out of your neighborhood quickly and safely.

We understand that some areas won't allow for this; simply set out the carts as far apart as possible.

Other Collection Guidelines

  • Your trash, recycling and composting carts must be placed at the curb by 6:30 a.m. on your collection day.
  • Help protect the health and safety of our staff; please remember to bag and tie all trash to keep it contained.
  • Do not put recycling or composting (including yard trimmings) in plastic bags. Plastic bags cannot be recycled in single-stream recycling and cannot be composted. BPI-certified compostable bags or paper bags can be used for composting.
  • Extra bags of trash that do not fit in your trash cart with the lid closed must be placed next to the trash cart and tagged with an extra trash sticker, which can be purchased at most local grocery stores.
  • Do not put carts on the sidewalk, in the path of the mail truck or on top of a water meter.
  • Avoid placing your cart under power lines or low-hanging tree branches.
  • Always place the handle of the cart toward your house.

Set your carts five feet apart by 6:30 a.m. with handles to the curb.