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Storm Debris Removal

Austin Resource Recovery (ARR) has hired contractors to work alongside its staff, to speed up storm debris collection efforts. Currently, there are 70+ crews at work collecting large branches and tree limbs from ARR customers (single-family homes, up to fourplexes). 

ARR has completed the first of several passes through the city collecting storm debris and the second pass is in progress. Many areas will likely require a third collection to clear all storm debris, and ARR expects those will be completed by April 30, 2023. After that, ARR will change focus from broad passes through the city and continue collections as needed, strictly through special storm debris collection requests made through Austin 3-1-1. This will continue through June 30, 2023.

Storm debris collection progress

  • Over 166,852 tons
  • 1,334,815 cubic yards
  • 23,307 truckloads 
    of storm debris has been collected through March 19. 

Which areas of Austin have been collected?

Check out our map for updates on which areas are complete, in progress or upcoming for storm debris collection:

Click to view the storm debris progress map

ARR will only collect storm debris from its customers. If you're unsure if you are an ARR customer, search your address in our customer calendar.

  • If your address does not show up as an ARR customer, the name of your hauler can usually be found on your trash and recycling carts. Contact your hauler for storm debris removal options. 

  • Apartment residents and businesses should contact their property manager for storm debris removal.

Here are some options for storm debris removal and guidelines to help you get it set out correctly and collected as soon as possible.

Storm debris drop off

Austin and Travis County residents can drop off storm debris (large tree limbs, small and large branches, shrubs and leaves at Austin Water's Hornsby Bend Biosolids Management Plant (2210 FM 973, Austin, TX): get operation times and drop-off details. 

More than 6,922 loads of storm debris have been dropped off by residents, weighing in at 2,939 tons through March 19.

Storm debris collection

Trees touching a power line must be reported by calling 512-322-9100.

Small branches for collection

If your branches are no longer than 5 feet and no thicker than 3 inches in diameter, they are small branches and can be set out with your weekly composting collection.

Set out process and guidelines

  • Place small branches and yard trimmings into the green composting cart and make sure the lid fully closes.
  • Excess material can be placed in lawn and leaf bags or a reusable container and set out beside the cart on the next scheduled collection day.
  • Small branches (no longer than five feet and no thicker than three inches in diameter) that do not fit into the green cart with the lid closed should be stacked into manageable bundles no heavier than 30 pounds and placed beside the cart.
  • Typically, ARR will collect the contents of your green cart and up to 15 extra items placed beside the cart but item limits will be temporarily waived for storm debris collection.  

Large branches and tree limbs for collection

If your branches are longer than 5 feet, they are large branches and require a special storm debris collection. 

ARR customers can request a collection of large tree limbs due to the storm by calling 3-1-1 (or 512-974-2000) or submitting a storm debris collection request through the Austin 3-1-1 mobile app or at Limbs should be at the curb ready for collection. ARR crews will assess and collect them as soon as possible.

Set out process and guidelines

Do not block fire hydrants with storm debris.

  • Branches and limbs should be between 5 and 15 feet in length. Branches and limbs longer than 15 feet should be cut down.
  • Tree trunks thicker than 8 inches in diameter should be cut down to 3 feet long or less. 
  • Stack loosely along the curb in one row, not more than 15 feet across and no higher than 4 feet, with cut ends facing the street.
  • Please don't block the sidewalk or extend into the street. 
  • To prevent damage to your property, keep items 5 feet away from your trash cart, mailbox, fences or walls, water meter, telephone connection box and parked cars. Do not place any items under low-hanging tree limbs or power lines. 

Large branch guidelines. Limb length 5 to 15 feet. Row width 15 feet maximum. Row height 4 feet maxiumum.


How you can help us

Our crews are working to get Austin cleaned up as quickly as possible. Here's how you can help us speed up the process and keep our workers safe:

  • Follow set-out guidelines as closely as you can. We realize there may be space limitations, but large storm debris is collected with a crane. The guidelines make it possible for us to collect the material with that equipment.
  • Clear unnecessary items out of the roadways. Please remove things like basketball hoops and parked cars out of the roadway when possible to allow our trucks to pass through and collect the debris at the curb.
  • Set your carts (safely) where we can see them. Wherever space allows, set out carts in front of or beside storm debris piles so our crews can see them; this makes collections faster and easier for our staff. Remember to also keep carts out of the street and off the sidewalks. We understand that space is limited, so do what you can.
  • Slow down to get around. As always, we're asking Austin drivers to yield when approaching City vehicles and to be alert to potential field employees working on the street. Please drive slowly when going around these vehicles and always remember to, ‘slow down to get around' to keep our workers safe.

We appreciate everything our community has done and continues to do to aid recovery efforts.

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