Austin Resource Recovery (ARR), a department of the City of Austin, provides cart-based landfill trash, recycling and composting collection services for some small businesses. Most properties with ARR services are located in residential areas and most businesses choose a private hauler to provide landfill trash, composting or recycling services. ARR does not directly provide dumpster-based services.

Beginning January 1, 2015, commercial premises must use a licensed private collection service provider, known as a private hauler. Get a list of licensed private haulers.

ARR may not provide service to new commercial customers. However, commercial customers ARR serviced prior to January. 1, 2015 may continue to receive those services. If a commercial customer chooses to contract with a private hauler then it cannot return to the service provided by ARR in the future.

Commercial service features

  • Landfill trash collection (Trash carts can be emptied multiple times a week, depending on your needs.)
  • Recycling collection
  • Composting collection

Monthly rates

The City of Austin provides bundled service to manage trash, recycling and composting. Charges are based on the trash cart size fee, added to the base rate. The monthly rate for commercial properties consists of the following charges (all rates are taxable except the Clean Community Fee):

  • Base rate: $20.45 (this is a price increase of $1.00, effective October 1, 2023).
  • Landfill trash cart charges: (landfill trash cart size x number of landfill trash carts) + (landfill trash collections per week).
    • Landfill trash cart sizes:
      • 24 gallons: $4.10
      • 32 gallons: $5.45
      • 64 gallons: $10.90
      • 96 gallons: $34.55
    • Frequency Surcharge:
      • $0 for service once a week
      • $40 for service twice a week
      • $100 for service three days a week
      • $200 for service six days a week
      • $240 for service seven days a week
  • Clean Community Fee: $14.65 (this includes the ARR portion only and is a price decrease of $2.00, effective October 1, 2023).

Additional charges

  • New service fee: $15
  • Extra trash fees:

Recycling and composting

ARR collects recycling once every other week from most businesses that use City services. Composting is collected weekly. More frequent service is available for additional fees. Email ARR’s customer service team to make changes.

Downtown recycling and trash service

ARR manages a commercial trash and recycling dumpster contract for businesses located in the Downtown Austin Recycling and Trash Service District.