Inclusion on this list is voluntary for hauling companies to join that meet the following parameters:

The hauling company is a Licensed Private Hauler, which offers regularly scheduled pickups, and at least one of the following hauling service(s):

  • Organics  Organic material (which can include unused food, food scraps and food-soiled paper) from a URO-affected food permitted business to a facility that processes organic material into animal feed, compost or a similar product.
  • Recycling Single-stream recycling (paper, cardboard, glass, metal and hard plastics) from URO-affected properties to a recycling facility.
  • Landfill TrashLandfill trash from URO-affected property to a landfill.


Organic Diversion
(Food Scraps)


Landfill Trash

Balcones Recycling    X  
Break It Down X X  
Central Texas Refuse, Inc.   X X
Efficient PM Solutions X    
JJ's Waste & Recycling   X X
GreenThumb Compost LLC X X X
Joe's Organics X    
Moonshot Compost X    
Organics "By Gosh" X    
Texas Disposal Systems X X X
Waste Connections X X X
Waste Management X X X

This list is provided without endorsement.  Other providers may be available. Get the full list of City of Austin Licensed Private Haulers. To add, delete, or correct listings please email us.