ATX+EGYPT II Entrepreneurship Program Update: The application is now closed.

The City of Austin Economic Development Department and the United States Embassy in Cairo announce a no-cost exchange program for fashion designers in Austin and Egypt.    

ATX+EGYPT II is an international business development program focusing on fashion business management and entrepreneurship. The program supports the development and global expansion of Austin-based fashion businesses, and it increases exposure of emerging Egyptian businesses to the Austin and United States economy. The program will feature a mix of entrepreneurs from Austin and Cairo. The program runs December 2020 – February 2022 and is fully funded by a grant from the United States Embassy in Cairo. There are no costs incurred by program participants. 

Applicants should prepare to complete an in-depth assessment of their businesses. Short-listed applicants will receive a request to interview prior to final selections. The program selection committee will notify applicants of final selections by November 15, 2020. Applicants who accept a spot in the program must commit to the entire program. 


For General Questions or More Information Please Contact:

Austin Community College Fashion Incubator 


Program Phases: Virtual Education and In-Person Exchange
  • Phase 1 - Virtual Education: December 2020 – April 2021  
    The Austin Community College Fashion Incubator will host virtual education sessions tailored to fashion management  and entrepreneurship for businesses that are looking to scale into global markets. The series will prepare fashion designers for domestic and global growth opportunities.  

    Curriculum Overview:  

    • Fashion Management  
    • Scaling Globally 
    • International Markets 
    • Global Marketing Strategies  
    • COVID-19 Considerations: Virtual Experiences  
    • And More 
  • Phase 2 - In-Person Exchange: December 2021 – February 2022
    In-person exchange between Austin and Cairo participants. These exchanges are an opportunity for designers to introduce their products to new markets, to gain valuable insights from consumers and manufacturers, and to learn from direct interactions with international designers. 

    Safety of all participants and local communities is a top priority. Considerations for the travel portion of the program will be continuously monitored by the Economic Development Department and the U.S. Embassy in Cairo given the status of COVID-19 travel restrictions. Phase Two is tentatively scheduled for Q4 - 2021.  

Eligibility Criteria
  • Registered as an established business for at least 2 years in Austin or Egypt with sales data 
  • Capsule collection or brand prototypes available for review 
  • Brand Deck Submission to introduce your brand to selection committee 
  • Clear market definition: Strong brands will have a clear customer, brand aesthetic, and pricing 
  • Able to commit to the entire length of the program including international travel: Travel in Austin will take place in October 2021, and travel in Egypt will take place in December 2021
  • Demonstrated ability/desire to scale: determinants of success may be defined by sales performance, business model, and/or product viability beyond current distribution within global markets 
  • Requirement of being a U.S. or Egyptian Citizen (U.S./Egyptian dual nationals are not eligible to apply)  
  • Sessions will be run in English and excellent command of English proficiency is preferred but not required* 

*Program curriculum is supported by a local Egyptian partner