Austin benefits from one of the most educated local workforces in the country. The Global Business Expansion Division continues to maximize this strength by creating paths for residents to pursue meaningful job training and employment opportunities in our area. We work collaboratively to support and understand the needs of businesses and residents on their journeys to success. 

Austin's Hire Local Plan

To address affordability and equity concerns in our community, the City of Austin is a proud partner in Austin's Hire Local Plan. Hire Local brings Austin-area community-based organizations, training providers, employers, and elected leaders together to work towards the same outcome: to help close the gap between the number of local jobs available and the amount of skilled workers qualified to fill them. The Hire Local Plan achieves three big things for workforce development: 1) increases skilled local talent while better defining the region's capacity for training, 2) improves incomes for local people by creating an affordability index, and 3) grows payrolls for local businesses. 

The Economic Development Department works closely with the local workforce board, Workforce Solutions Capital Area, to offer referrals and services to employers and job seekers. 

Opportunities for Employers - Workforce Solutions Capital Area's tailored solutions at various levels of support can assist employers with awareness-raising, training, placement, and upskilling. 

Opportunities for Job Seekers - Workforce Solutions Capital Area connects local people to local jobs by providing specialized services at no cost, including career training, apprenticeship programs, scholarships, resume review, interview prep, job search assistance and more. 

Additional Job Training Resources

The City of Austin works with local training providers to offer free or low-cost training to eligible residents wanting to work in healthcare, advanced manufacturing, information technology, or the skilled trades. 

Capital IDEA - earn an Associate Degree or certification in the fields of healthcare or information technology. 

Skillpoint Alliance - earn certifications in pre-apprentice plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and advanced manufacturing. 

Austin Urban Technology Movement - earn certifications in cybersecurity, data analytics, software development, and more. 

Additional job training and employment opportunities for youth and young adults can be found here: Youth Initiatives Office, Austin Youth Development, and the Austin Civilian Conservation Corps