Austin benefits from one of the most educated local workforces in the country and continues to build upon this strength by creating new opportunities to support industries and residents on their path to success. The Global Business Expansion Division works to understand the needs of area businesses as we seek to connect residents to meaningful job training opportunities.

The City of Austin is a proud partner in the Austin Metro Area Master Community Workforce Plan. This master plan lays out a common agenda and establishes a framework for collaboration to coordinate the efforts of the region’s workforce development organizations and educational institutions. The Master Community Workforce Plan will focus on helping 10,000 economically disadvantaged individuals achieve financial stability and success through employment in middle-skill jobs.

The Economic Development Department works closely with the local workforce board, Workforce Solutions Capital Area, to offer referrals and services to employers and job seekers.

Opportunities for Employers - Labor market information, hiring tax credits, assistance and funding for employee skills training, and services to help employers succeed.

Opportunities for Job Seekers - Connecting area residents with training opportunities, job search help, resume assistance, interview skills, earning a GED and more.


Small Business Division
City of Austin, Economic Development Department 

The Small Business Program provides business training, educational events, and coaching to empower entrepreneurs. Our mission is to foster job creation and support the growth of new and existing businesses by providing capacity building information, tools, and resources.



Artists ATX
City of Austin

Professional Development Courses for Creatives, coordinated by the Economic Development Department.